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    Michael D. Roberts was thirty years old and had been with the Cleveland Plain Dealer for seven years when he co-wrote this book. In 1966 he received the Ohio Associated Press Award for exposing a forged Rembrandt painting. He reported on assignment from Vietnam, the Middle East, and the newspaper's Washington Bureau. He joined Cleveland Magazine in 1972 and served as editor for 17 years. He works in public relations and regularly writes for several publications.

    Books by Michael D. Roberts

    Thirteen Seconds by Joe Eszterhas
    Thirteen Seconds
    Confrontation at Kent State
    by Joe Eszterhas | Michael D. Roberts

    The dramatic and eye-opening original account of events that shook the nation.

    At noon on May 4, 1970, a thirteen-second burst of gunfire transformed the campus of Kent State University into a national nightmare. National Guard bullets killed four st . . . [Read More]


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