Curses! Why Cleveland Sports Fans Deserve to Be Miserable by Tim Long

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Curses! Why Cleveland Sports Fans Deserve to Be Miserable by Tim Long
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Curses! Why Cleveland Sports Fans Deserve to Be Miserable

A Lifetime of Tough Luck, Bad Breaks, Goofs, Gaffes, and Blunders

by Tim Long

  • Softcover, 140 pages, 5 x 8 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-59851-018-8

Here's one championship title we Cleveland fans can grasp and proudly hold aloft: Most Miserable.

Boston fans no longer have their Curse to bemoan—and anyway, they've got those Patriots Super Bowl trophies. (Aargh!—Bill Belichick!) Chicago fans? Don't start. The Cubs, yes—but what about all those unbeatable Bulls teams? (Ugh!—The Shot!) No, Cleveland owns bragging rights when it comes to the worst drought in professional sports championships. And it's not just The Fumble, The Drive, The Catch, Game Seven, and all our other big-game losses. We've endured enough bad luck, dumb trades, dud draft picks, and just plain goofy moments to keep us crying in our beers for decades. And they're all collected here.

Could this little book end the worst championship drought in major league sports? Honestly, no. But it will give you something fun to read while you're waiting for the Browns, the Tribe, the Cavs, or someone in Cleveland to finally win the Big One!

It may not take away the misery, but at least it offers a little humor to go with the groans!

Illustrations: 24 Line drawings

Sure to produce lots of screams (or at least groans) by recalling the funny, frustrating and downright weird trades, injuries, collapses and other misfortunes that have stalked Cleveland's pro sports franchises for what feels like ages. — The Chronicle-Telegram
[This book] can serve as an athletic exorcism for a city in dire need of banishing sports demons . . . [it's] really about bonehead front office moves, strokes of tragedy and just sheer bad luck . . . Long presents the subject matter in a breezy, fun way. — Cleveland Magazine
Funny and intelligent . . . In just a few pages, Long captures the mood of Browns fans and even non-fans when Modell turned his back on Cleveland . . . a well-written book with Cleveland sports history thrown in with a bit of humor . . . It's all there, and more, in this gem of a book. No kidding, it's interesting and fun reading even if you don't know a football from a basketball. — Medina County Gazette
Covers the gamut of Cleveland sports woes, from bad trades, bad draft picks, bad timing and just plain bad luck that seems to have plagued this area for decades. — Maple Heights Press
Recalls to readers' minds 114 seasons of less-than-stellar sports incidents . . . Fun to read in this book format . . . much more enjoyable than when they first hit our consciousness in the newspaper or via the airwaves. — Old Brooklyn News
Curses! Why Cleveland Sports Fans Deserve to Be Miserable: A Lifetime of Tough Luck, Bad Breaks, Goofs, Gaffes, and Blunders, by Tim Long
About Tim Long
Tim Long

Tim Long, a native Clevelander, became infected at an early age with serious cases of Indians Fever and Browns Blues—and learned quickly that rooting for Cleveland teams is not for the faint of heart. He went on to become a Cleveland sports memorabilia collector and a serious student of Cleveland sports. He is a graduate of St. Edward High School, John Carroll University, and Cleveland State Graduate School of Business. More About Tim Long

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