Cleveland Fishing Guide 2nd Edition by John Barbo

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Cleveland Fishing Guide 2nd Edition by John Barbo
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Cleveland Fishing Guide 2nd Edition

Including the Lake Erie Shoreline, Inland Lakes, Reservoirs, Ponds, Rivers, and Streams

by John Barbo

  • Softcover, 206 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-59851-021-8

This guide leads anglers of all abilities to the best public fishing spots in Northeast Ohio. Its 55 destinations offer all varieties of sport fish and fishing available locally on the Lake Erie shoreline and in nearby inland lakes, reservoirs, ponds, rivers, and streams.

Each chapter provides a detailed description of the site, tells what kind of fish can be caught there, gives bait suggestions and how-to tips, notes local regulations, and includes site maps and directions to get you to the prime fishing spots—for Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced fishermen.

Drawings and descriptions introduce the most common sport fish found in this area, and pertinent information regarding their preferred habitat, locale, average size, consumption guidelines, and current Ohio catch record. Also contains a comprehensive directory of Northeast Ohio fishing resources, including charters, angling instruction, local sport groups and conservancy organizations, and bait and tackle shops. And features informative and humorous essays by the author.

Illustrations: 96 51 black-and-white photographs, 25 maps, 20 drawings

The next time I go fishing, I'm taking a thermos of hot coffee, bug spray, and John Barbo . . . A detailed and good-humored guide to 55 fishing destinations . . . Barbo's personal experience, conversational writing style, and profound respect for the environment make his book a welcome addition to any nature lover's bookshelf. — The Bulletin
Every Central Basin steelheader should have a copy of Cleveland Fishing Guide in his or her fishing vehicle. It's a great reference that, in conjunction with a GPS and up-to-date DeLorme Gazeteer, will get you on the water safely and efficiently . . . No matter if you're looking for smallmouth bass or walleye, bluegill or catfish, Barbo has a spot for you to wet a line. —
The most comprehensive local fishing guide that has yet come out . . . From the expert fisherman to the boy with a bobber, this book will become as useful as a pair of pliers in a tackle box. — Avon Lake Press
[Includes] everything, in fact, but a recipe for Lake Erie bouillabaisse! . . . John Barbo writes concise, straightforward prose with underlying traces of a dry wit. — Currents
The excellent, user-friendly fishing guide is not only easy to read, but often fun. — The Gazette
Cleveland Fishing Guide 2nd Edition: Including the Lake Erie Shoreline, Inland Lakes, Reservoirs, Ponds, Rivers, and Streams, by John Barbo
About John Barbo
John Barbo

John Barbo has been a fisherman since childhood. A high school science teacher and an active outdoorsman, he enjoys sharing his love and knowledge of fishing with others. He lives in Geneva, Ohio. More About John Barbo

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