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Ask Hal by Hal Lebovitz
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Ask Hal

Answers to Fans' Most Interesting Questions About Baseball Rules from a Hall-of-Fame Sportswriter

by Hal Lebovitz

  • Softcover, 181 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-59851-034-8
Very few writers (or broadcasters for that matter) know the rules of the games they cover as Hal Lebovitz did. — Bob Costas

A fun and fact-filled collection of baseball Q&As from a legendary sportswriter and rules expert.

Think it couldn't happen on a baseball field? It probably did! Just ask Hal. Hal Lebovitz reigned as a leading expert on baseball rules for more than four decades. From 1957 until his death in 2005, Hal answered readers' questions about sports in his popular “Ask Hal” newspaper column. Baseball provided the most frequent questions—and often the most curious and confounding ones. But Hal was never stumped.

Many questions came from real situations—Little League, church-league softball, major league games—even the World Series. (National TV broadcasters even called him at home live during the World Series for opinions about on-field rulings) Some came straight from fans' vivid imaginations. Either way, there was always an answer, and Hal had it.

This book collects the best and most entertaining questions and answers about baseball rules from four decades of “Ask Hal.” Flip to any page and you'll find a question that might spark a lively debate at any dinner table or settle a bet at the local tavern. How many can you answer? A book for fans who love to “know it all.”

Hal Lebovitz was baseball's oracle . . . From the sandlots of South Euclid to the bigger-than-life stage of the World Series, there was no weird call or strange situation that fell outside his realm of expertise. — Cleveland Magazine
The book is an entertaining and informative read for baseball fans of all ages . . . If you think you know everything there is to know about baseball, you'll probably think again after reading this book. — Daily Record
A fun trivia read and a must-have for baseball fans who enjoy being right about their beloved sport. — Midwest Book Review
This is not only an interesting and entertaining book, but also a useful one, especially if you're doing some coaching. — The Gazette
The questions—often from real-life situations ranging from Little League games to the World Series, proves the old adage that truth is often stranger than fiction. — News Leader
If there were questions to be answered about baseball rules, Hal Lebovitz had them. Lebovitz's book is a good read. You can flip around, stop at any page and find an interesting question. — Times Reporter
Very few writers (or broadcasters for that matter) know the rules of the games they cover as Hal Lebovitz did. His precise and encyclopedic knowledge of that single aspect alone made him an invaluable resource. But beyond that, Hal was a skillful and insightful writer with a fine blend of enthusiasm, empathy and, when warranted, a critical eye. To top it all off, Hal was a mensch. It was a pleasure to know him and to learn from him. — Bob Costas
Ask Hal: Answers to Fans' Most Interesting Questions About Baseball Rules from a Hall-of-Fame Sportswriter, by Hal Lebovitz
About Hal Lebovitz
Hal Lebovitz

Hal Lebovitz was inducted into the writer's wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2000. He was a sportswriter for more than six decades. He got his first job covering high school sports for the Cleveland News in 1942 and soon became a beat writer covering the Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Indians. He was hired by the Plain Dealer in 1960 to cover baseball and was that paper's sports editor from 1964–1982. “Ask Hal, the Referee,” his popular column on sports rules, began in 1957 and also appeared in the Sporting News. A former college athlete, he also coached baseball, basketball, and football and officiated all three sports, including a stint as a referee traveling with the Harlem Globetrotters. His sportswriting continued to appear regularly in the News-Herald (Lake County, Ohio), the Morning Journal (Lorain, Ohio), and several other newspapers, until his death, at age 89, in 2005. More About Hal Lebovitz

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