Ohio Oddities 2nd Edition by Neil Zurcher

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Ohio Oddities 2nd Edition by Neil Zurcher
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Ohio Oddities 2nd Edition

A Guide to the Curious Attractions of the Buckeye State

by Neil Zurcher

  • Softcover, 228 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-59851-047-8
Oddly delightful . . . From the Blue Hole to the headless chicken, it's a wonderfully wacky page turner. — Martin Savidge, CNN

The Buckeye State has no shortage of strange, silly, goofy, quirky, eccentric, and just plain weird places, people, and things—if you know where to look. Nobody has looked in more places than Neil Zurcher, the popular TV travel reporter who has driven more than a million miles seeking out the unusual. This book collects his most remarkable finds, including the World's Largest Cuckoo Clock, the nation's only vacuum cleaner museum, Balto the Wonder Dog, the “bottomless” Blue Hole of Casalia, and lots more hard-to-believe stuff!

Zurcher's eye for unique and fun attractions can turn any road trip into a car ride through the Twilight Zone.

Illustrations: 132 black-and-white photographs

The oddest thing about Neil Zurcher's new book isn't the contents. It's what it says about human nature. The book is weird, make no mistake . . . Runs down some of the strangest sites that Zurcher has encountered in his never-ending One Tank Trips around the Buckeye State. From a 50-foot Madonna in Windsor to a perambulator museum in Jefferson, the book exposes Ohio in all its offbeat glory. — Akron Beacon Journal
Drawn like a magnet to the quirky and the offbeat, Zurcher has heard many doozies of stories over the years, and his folksy style of relating them makes for some delightful reading. — Country Living Magazine
With attractions like these, who says Ohio is just 'fly-over country'? . . . Neil Zurcher, a Cleveland TV personality, made a living out of ferreting out Ohio's biggest, smallest, tallest, fattest, or just really have to dig too deep to find Ohio's wide, wild streak of weirdness. — The Blade
In his usual down-to-earth style, Zurcher introduces the world's fastest pumpkin carver, zips off to the Ohio Tobacco Festival and pays a visit to the world's largest wooden longhorn cow. — Ohio Magazine
One fun little book. These little essays are absolutely fascinating. — WELW AM Radio
Ohio Oddities 2nd Edition: A Guide to the Curious Attractions of the Buckeye State, by Neil Zurcher
About Neil Zurcher
Neil Zurcher

Neil Zurcher logged more than a million miles on Ohio's roads over 25 years as a TV travel reporter. He was the original host of the One Tank Trips travel report, which aired on Fox8 Television in Cleveland and has since been imitated in other television markets throughout the United States. He has also written about travel for AAA Ohio Motorist Magazine and The Plain Dealer. Zurcher received the Distinguished Service award from the Society of Professional Journalism and the Silver Circle award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He also received an Emmy, the Award for Excellence in Broadcasting from the Cleveland Association of Broadcasters, and has been inducted into the Cleveland Press Club Hall of Fame. He was also inducted into the Ohio Broadcasters Hall of Fame and received their Living Legacy Award in 2007. He has written five books about Ohio, including Ohio Oddities and Strange Tales from Ohio. He blogs at www.onetanktrips.com. More About Neil Zurcher

Contains References to:

Balto, Beer Barrel Saloon, Big Mousetrap, Bigfoot, Buckeye Chuck, Claus Oldenburg, Covered Bridges, Electric Chair, Eliot Ness, Hang on Sloopy, Headless Chicken, Lawnmower Racing, Lehman's Hardware, Moonshine Capital, Motorcycle Demolition Derby, Ohio Castle, Ohio Road Trips, One Tank Trips, Quaker Square, Raymond Chapman, USS Cod


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