Cleveland's Greatest Disasters! by John Stark Bellamy II

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Cleveland's Greatest Disasters! by John Stark Bellamy II
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Cleveland's Greatest Disasters!

Sixteen Tragic Tales of Death and Destruction--An Anthology

by John Stark Bellamy II

  • Softcover, 221 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-59851-058-4

An anthology of the 15 best true disaster stories from the popular book series by John Stark Bellamy II. Revisit the most terrible tragedies in Cleveland history, including:

• The apocalyptic East Ohio Gas Company explosion and fire of 1944, which destroyed an entire east side neighborhood;

• Genius inventor Garrett A. Morgan's daring underground rescue efforts (using his recently invented gas mask) during the gruesome 1916 waterworks collapse;

• The unspeakably horrible Collinwood school fire of 1908, in which 172 schoolchildren perished in panic because of obstructed exits;

• The Cleveland Clinic disaster of 1929, in which thousands of pounds of X-ray film exploded in flames, causing 123 deaths;

• The grisly drama of two doomed workmen buried alive in the very concrete that became Cleveland's celebrated landmark—the Terminal Tower.

A great introduction to Bellamy's five-book Cleveland crime and disaster series.

Illustrations: 65 black-and-white photographs

Bellamy sets the disasters in context and doesn't skimp on details as he tells of 16 catastrophe—from natural-gas explosions, collapsing tunnels under Lake Erie, school fires, bridge collapses and even an explosion in a fireworks factory — Scene Magazine
Bellamy knows the dark side of Cleveland better than anyone. — WMJI FM Radio
Cleveland's Greatest Disasters!: Sixteen Tragic Tales of Death and Destruction--An Anthology, by John Stark Bellamy II
Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Streets of Hell

    The East Ohio Gas Company Explosion and Fire
  • “We are going down!”

    The Ashtabula Bridge Disaster
  • Ash Wednesday Forever

    The Collinwood School Fire
  • “Jump, boys, it's a crash!”

    The Doodlebug Deathtrip
  • “Breath of Death”

    The Cleveland Clinic Fire
  • Sooner or Later . . .

    The Thompson Trophy Tragedy
  • Burning, Burning, Burning River

    The Cuyahoga River Fires
  • Death in the Deep Pit

    The Terminal Tower Tragedy
  • “They Died Crawling”

    The Waterworks Tunnel Explosion
  • Cleveland's Saddest Fourth

    The S. S. Kresge Fireworks Explosion
  • “Horror of All Horrors!”

    The Central Viaduct Disaster
  • Damn the Torpedoes

    The Fireworks Factory Horrors
  • Cleveland's Saddest Circus Day

    The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Fire
  • Death Ride at Euclid Beach

    The Sad Fate of Joseph Senk
  • Cleveland's Burning!

    A Trio of Catastrophic Fires
  • Smithereen Street

    The West 117th Street Explosion
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About John Stark Bellamy II
John Stark Bellamy II

John Stark Bellamy II is the author of six books and two anthologies about Cleveland crime and disaster. The former history specialist for the Cuyahoga County Public Library, he comes by his taste for the sensational honestly, having grown up reading stories about Cleveland crime and disaster written by his grandfather, Paul, who was editor of the Plain Dealer, and his father, Peter, who wrote for the Cleveland News and the Plain Dealer. More About John Stark Bellamy II

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