The Corpse in the Cellar by John Stark Bellamy II

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Corpse in the Cellar by John Stark Bellamy II
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The Corpse in the Cellar

And Further Tales of Cleveland Woe

by John Stark Bellamy II

  • Softcover, 302 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-886228-33-7
Bellamy writes with razor-edged wit and his own particular brand of charm. — Medina County Gazette

The third book in this popular series delivers 25 more incredible but true stories of Cleveland crime and disaster, including:

• Crotchety old vigilante Jarvis Meach, who shot down robbers in cold blood with his beloved shotguns, “Old Bunty” and “Little Pet.”

• Medina's Wickedest Stepmother, Mary Garrett, who locked her stepdaughters in their bedroom, set fire to the house, and did all she could to get the furniture out unharmed.

• The horrible Ashtabula Bridge Disaster, which killed more than 80 holiday travelers trapped in a fiery inferno after their passenger train plunged 82 feet to the snow-covered ground;

• The strange death of Minnie Peters, who bashed in her own head with her husband's machinist's hammer in a most gruesome act of suicide;

• Cleveland's saddest circus, when 15 minutes of raging fire killed more than 50 animals. The show went on again that evening;

Bellamy's signature style brings to life the colorful characters who took part in some of Cleveland's most exciting and tragic moments. Crooks and cops, heroes and villains, ordinary folks who found themselves in extraordinary circumstances.

Illustrations: 103 103 black-and-white photographs

The Edgar Allen Poe of Cleveland . . . [Bellamy] proves that even the murders of ordinary people can make for edge-of-your-seat reading. — The Plain Dealer
Colorful and richly detailed writing. — The Chronicle-Telegram
While the content of Bellamy's book is somewhat gruesome, it is also strangely fascinating and gives readers insight into criminal minds of the past, the way such crimes were reported, and—most shockingly—the manner in which some old-time law enforcement agents treated suspects. — Lake County Tribune
As with all the books in his Cleveland crime series, Bellamy writes with razor-edged wit and his own particular brand of charm. — Medina County Gazette
Bellamy blends details culled from old newspaper clippings, trial transcripts and other sources into an exploration of the city's seamier side. — West Life
Bellamy has no trouble finding just the right tidbits to fascinate readers. — Akron Beacon Journal
The Corpse in the Cellar: And Further Tales of Cleveland Woe, by John Stark Bellamy II
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About John Stark Bellamy II
John Stark Bellamy II

John Stark Bellamy II is the author of six books and two anthologies about Cleveland crime and disaster. The former history specialist for the Cuyahoga County Public Library, he comes by his taste for the sensational honestly, having grown up reading stories about Cleveland crime and disaster written by his grandfather, Paul, who was editor of the Plain Dealer, and his father, Peter, who wrote for the Cleveland News and the Plain Dealer. More About John Stark Bellamy II

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Christina Lispcomb, Cleveland Accidents, Cleveland Gothic Tales, Cleveland Homicide, Cleveland Mafia, Cleveland True Crime, Cleveland's Black Widow, Criminals, Death Stories, Disasters, Electric Chair, Flappers, Joe Filkowski, Medina, OH, Mentor Marsh Murder, Michael Hahnel, Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Fire, Robert Mercer,

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