The Killer in the Attic by John Stark Bellamy II

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Killer in the Attic by John Stark Bellamy II
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The Killer in the Attic

And More True Tales of Crime and Disaster from Cleveland's Past

by John Stark Bellamy II

  • Softcover, 298 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-886228-57-3
Fascinating and yes entertaining . . . often in a bizarre way that leaves the reader feeling guilty for being so entertained. — Medina County Gazette

The fourth volume in John Stark Bellamy's classic Cleveland crime and disaster series features 26 more gruesome, horrible, tragic, and despicable—but true—tales, including:

• Love-crazed Clark Hill, who warmed up his teenage girlfriend with an overdose of Spanish Fly in her milk shake;

• The chilling Cuyahoga River scow disaster, in which 16 clinging, drowning men fought so desperately to stay afloat that they dragged each other to the dark bottom of the river;

• Doomed workmen Patrick Toolis and Patrick Cleary, buried alive in the very concrete that became Cleveland's celebrated Terminal Tower;

• Not-so-friendly Dorothy Kaplan, who deposited shards of glass in her neighbors' milk in hopes of helping slow the “noisy” couple down a bit;

• Mafia legend Shondor Birns, whose high-profile life of crime came to an explosive end when he started up his Lincoln Continental one fine day;

And other detailed and compelling accounts of the unspeakable.

Illustrations: 70 black-and-white photographs

A narrative of 26 stories of Northeast Ohio horrors and tragedies that are fascinating and yes entertaining . . . often in a bizarre way that leaves the reader feeling guilty for being so entertained. — Medina County Gazette
A chatty, amiable little book that thankfully delivers a lot less gore than it promises. Bellamy's [stories] focus more on re-creating the setting than spelling out grisly details . . . What also works in this quirky collection is Bellamy's willingness to pass judgment . . . With long-ago people and places coming so vividly to life—Bellamy's research is meticulous—Cleveland readers will enjoy this compilation of crime on every corner. — The Plain Dealer
Bellamy knows more about death and disaster in our city than anyone. — WQAL FM Radio
You'd have a tough time finding somebody in town more learned—or enthusiastic—about the city's history of death and disaster. — Scene Magazine
Bellamy regales readers with tales of 26 of Cleveland's most dastardly deeds . . . [His] way with words turns history into a current event. — Ohio Magazine
[Bellamy's] books, which detail some of the most grisly murders and disasters in Greater Cleveland's history, are often stranger than fiction . . . Bellamy employs an extremely mannered prose, inspired largely by his fascination with 18th century English writers. And his highly stylized writing, along with the fact that he will not touch stories that still touch contemporary nerves, are reasons the books can be thought of as entertainment. — Sun Newspapers
The Killer in the Attic: And More True Tales of Crime and Disaster from Cleveland's Past, by John Stark Bellamy II
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About John Stark Bellamy II
John Stark Bellamy II

John Stark Bellamy II is the author of six books and two anthologies about Cleveland crime and disaster. The former history specialist for the Cuyahoga County Public Library, he comes by his taste for the sensational honestly, having grown up reading stories about Cleveland crime and disaster written by his grandfather, Paul, who was editor of the Plain Dealer, and his father, Peter, who wrote for the Cleveland News and the Plain Dealer. More About John Stark Bellamy II

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