Cleveland Rock and Roll Memories by Carlo Wolff

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Cleveland Rock and Roll Memories by Carlo Wolff
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Cleveland Rock and Roll Memories

True and Tall Tales of the Glory Days, Told by Musicians, DJs, Promoters, and Fans Who Made the Scene in the '60s, '70s, and '80s

by Carlo Wolff

  • Softcover, 131 pages, 8.5 x 10 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-886228-99-3
Cleveland Rock and Roll Memories . . .

Music fans who grew up with Rock and Roll in Cleveland remember a golden age. We were young, so was the music, and the sense of freedom and excitement the Rock and Roll scene delivered was electric. This book collects the favorite memories of Clevelanders who made that scene: fans, musicians, DJs, reporters, club owners, and more.

There were so many great clubs, like the Agora, where every big band seemed to break in the 1970s. The trendsetting radio stations, from A.M.'s WIXY 1260 to F.M.'s groundbreaking “Home of the Buzzard”, WMMS. And all those memorable shows. The free Coffee Break Concerts—remember Springsteen just when he hit it big? The gigantic World Series of Rock. Nights on the lawn at Blossom (including local favorites the Michael Stanley Band and their record-setting sellout streak).

Includes rare photographs and other memorabilia such as concert posters, bumper stickers, pins, and ticket stubs.

Illustrations: 203 black-and-white photographs

A high-spirited, very conversational compilation of 'true and tall tales of the glory days' of the Cleveland music scene, as told through the eyes of musicians, DJs, promoters and fans. — Goldmine
Largely presented as an oral history, making the book essentially a collection of anecdotes. As a result, you get a real 'you are there' feeling . . . A bittersweet look back at a time before the mainstream music industry became totally prepackaged, a time when radio DJs could actually choose the songs they were going to play. — Harp
A fun, incisive look at three decades of Cleveland's music history. The result is a well-researched work that is an absolute blast to read . . . Feels less like following a detailed history text than flipping through a scrapbook, or watching a documentary . . . A sharply written piece of folk history. It's a quick read, and certainly an enjoyable one for Cleveland rock fans who were there the first time around. — West Life
For rock geeks, the most interesting chapter will be the recollections of the many groundbreaking performances by then-up-and-coming rockers such as David Bowie and, of course, Bruce Springsteen . . . If you were an avid concert-going rock fan in those heady days, chances are there will be at least a few pages that speak directly to you and many more that will bring back memories. — Akron Beacon Journal
Chock full of pictures (stars, tickets, concert posters, stickers and pins). Reading it is like overhearing folks swap tales. — Morning Journal
Like stopping by the record store and browsing the bins, listening to the first few seconds of a cut here and there, and getting lost in a memory. — Star Beacon
An easy read, full of great photos, memorabilia, and firsthand accounts from Cleveland DJs, musicians, and local people—maybe even your next-door neighbor—who retell their personal experiences at historic music events in the area. —
The book's charm comes from the recollections supplied by promoters, musicians, disc jockeys and, maybe most powerfully, the fans, which unearth seldom-told stories and bits of Cleveland rock trivia that provide a fresh perspective on a time about which many of us thought we'd heard everything. — Cleveland Magazine
Cleveland Rock and Roll Memories: True and Tall Tales of the Glory Days, Told by Musicians, DJs, Promoters, and Fans Who Made the Scene in the '60s, '70s, and '80s, by Carlo Wolff
About Carlo Wolff
Carlo Wolff

As a staff reporter for the Cleveland Jewish Publication Company, Carlo Wolff writes hard news, articles about the arts, and edits. Prior to joining the Cleveland Jewish News, Wolff was Features Editor of LH-Lodging Hospitality, a Penton Media magazine, writing profiles of individuals and companies, analyzing issues and interpreting trends. Wolff has also written for numerous consumer publications and websites including Goldmine,, the Boston Globe, the Chicago Sun Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, The Plain Dealer, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Christian Science Monitor, and Scene. He specializes in music criticism, book reviews, articles about popular culture, travel and business stories. A graduate of Boston University, he majored in English. He and his family live in suburban Cleveland. More About Carlo Wolff

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Agora, Alan Freed, Belkin Brothers, Coffee Break Concerts, Daffy Dan, Dead Boys, Devo, Eric Carmen, James Gang, Jane Scott, Kid Leo, Michael Stanley Band, Moondog Coronation Ball, Music Grotto, Pere Ubu, Record Rendezvous, Rocket from the Tombs, The Numbers Band, The Raspberries, WIXY 1260, WMMS, World Series of Rock


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