Snake Oil ( #4) by Les Roberts

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Snake Oil by Les Roberts
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Snake Oil

A Saxon Mystery (#4)

by Les Roberts

#4 in the Saxon mystery series.

Wealthy and unlikable real-estate developer George Amptman hires Saxon to determine whether his young wife, Nanette, is having an affair. Saxon hates domestic cases, but the client seems so pathetic—and offers so much money—that Saxon agrees. And when her lover, a petroleum engineer, is found strangled with a silk scarf, Saxon finds himself hip-deep in the oil business.

Saxon's nemesis, Lieutenant Joe Di Mattia of the LAPD, thinks Nanette Amptman murdered her lover. But there's no shortage suspects: The crusty old wildcatter who's made and lost fortunes. The mysterious East Indian with a nasty pet cobra. The powerful oil baron who fired the victim because of his womanizing. And the exquisite movie actress more famous for her private performances than her on-screen ones. And there's no shortage of motives, either—thirty-two million of them, all with dollar signs.

Saxon ranges up and own the oil-rich beach areas of Los Angeles's South Bay, facing a second murder, an attempt on his own life, and a wrenching examination of his own courage. A tender love affair with a strong, independent woman brightens his life, and his teenaged adopted son, Marvel, provides some much-needed moral support when the going gets toughest.

Another smooth page-turner from Roberts, who keeps the action moving and still fits in some wry observation on parenthood, teenagers, and marriage. — Kirkus Reviews
As Roberts matures in his writing, Saxon matures as a character in this, his most complex story to date. — Mystery News
Roberts . . . writes expert procedural novels, colorfully narrated by an L.A. private eye named Saxon, a likable tough guy with a soft heart. — Publishers Weekly
Snake Oil: A Saxon Mystery (#4), by Les Roberts
About Les Roberts
Les Roberts

Les Roberts is the author of 18 mystery novels featuring Cleveland private eye Milan Jacovich, as well as 11 other books of fiction. The past president of both the Private Eye Writers of America and the American Crime Writers League, he came to mystery writing after a 24-year career in Hollywood writing and producing television shows. He has been a professional actor, a singer, a jazz musician, and a teacher. A native of Chicago, he now lives in Northeast Ohio. More About Les Roberts

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