Damn Right I'm From Cleveland by Mike Polk

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Damn Right I'm From Cleveland by Mike Polk
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Damn Right I'm From Cleveland

Your Guide to Makin' It in America's 47th Biggest City

by Mike Polk

  • Softcover, 124 pages, 8.5 x 8.5 inches
  • ISBN: 978-1-938441-07-3
If you're from Cleveland, are a consenting adult, and have a sense of humor, you'll enjoy this book!

Comedian Mike Polk Jr. has received more than 50 million views on YouTube alone for his witty Internet videos ("Hastily Made Tourism Video," "Cleveland Browns: Factory of Sadness," and others). Now he delivers the same wicked sense of humor in a book.

This hilarious rustbelt satire lampoons Cleveland's quirks, including our boundless obsession with crappy sports teams, the nonstop quest to reinvent our civic image, and a grab-bag collection of odd local celebrities.

Polk tackles such timely topics as: Great Places to Take a Dump Downtown . . . Riding the RTA: A Fascinating Cultural Experience . . . A Cleveland Enemies Hall of Fame . . . A Comparison of Three Area Gentlemen's Clubs . . . A Fabulous Remake of Cleveland's Own Flag . . . and much more.

Full color photos throughout.

Illustrations: 200 color photos

Polk brings with him the familiar arsenal of satire and wit. He lampoons Cleveland in the way only natives can, noting in particular [their] eternal obsession with basement-dwelling sports franchises and their constant struggles to reinvent the city's civic image. — Cleveland Scene
A funny, profane, polemic perusal of our fair city . . . Man, this guy has stories and opinions and he shares. He's packed some funny ones and some finely comic tragic ones in this slim picture book with big print in easy-read type. . . . it's hard to pick favorite sections--that's what makes it a great coffee table book even if you don't have a coffee table . . . This book goes with me to Canada so I can quit trying to explain to “those people” why it's actually fun to live in Cleveland. — CoolCleveland.com
Fantastically Cleveland . . . Polk isn't going to win any major award for his book, but if you are a Clevelander, and you don't at least crack a smile, then you you need to get on the bus and go back to Pittsburgh. — happinessisahotpierogi.com
Just over 100 pages of hilarity, equal parts broad and subversive, poking fun at everything Cleveland . . . Good comedy is rarely ever nice and with Polk it comes from a place of love — Clue Into Cleveland.com
If you love Cleveland and love to poke fun at Cleveland--and can handle some crude language--you should consider picking up Mike Polk Jr.'s book. . . . I found myself literally LOLing at several pages . . . Polk does a really great job of balancing humor with his love for the city. — News-Herald Book Club
Damn Right I'm From Cleveland: Your Guide to Makin' It in America's 47th Biggest City, by Mike Polk
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Damn Right I'm From Cleveland by Mike Polk
About Mike Polk
Mike Polk

Mike Polk Jr. is a Cleveland-based writer and comedian whose self-produced videos have more than 50 million combined views on You Tube alone. He is responsible for such viral hits as "The Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video" (which appeared in the Michael Moore documentary "Capitalism: A Love Story"), "The Honest R&B Song", "The One Semester of Spanish Love Song," and the award-winning internet series "Man In The Box." Polk has been performing sketch comedy with the group "Last Call" for over nine years, young throughout North America. The troupe won "Best of the Festival" in Toronto in 2011 and Seattle in 2010 and regularly perform at Cleveland's Playhouse Square Theaters. Polk has been named Cleveland's best comedian by "Scene Magazine" and "Cleveland Magazine" on several occasions. His work has also appeared on TNT's "Inside the NBA," and on FunnyorDie.com. For all of his bluster, Polk is a huge advocate of the Northeast Ohio area and is happy to call Cleveland his home. More About Mike Polk


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