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Dead Giveaway by Charles Ramsey
Dead Giveaway Softcover / eBook
The Rescue, Hamburgers, White Folks, and Instant Celebrity . . . What You Saw on TV Doesn't Begin to Tell the Story . . .
by Charles Ramsey | Randy Nyerges

From dishwasher to international celebrity in one afternoon . . . Charles Ramsey gives a roller coaster account of his life before, during, and after the dramatic rescue of three kidnapped women in Cleveland . . .

Global news media declared him a her . . . [Read More]

Day of the Dawg by Hanford Dixon
Day of the Dawg Softcover / eBook
A Football Memoir
by Hanford Dixon | Randy Nyerges

Popular and outspoken NFL cornerback Hanford Dixon offers an inside look at the turbulent, exciting, and frustrating Cleveland Browns seasons of the 1980s. A three-time Pro Bowler and co-inventor of the Dawg Pound, Dixon recalls both the roller-coast . . . [Read More]

Pitchin' Man: Satchel Paige's Own Story by Satchel Paige
Pitchin' Man: Satchel Paige's Own Story eBook / eBook
by Satchel Paige | Hal Lebovitz

The first autobiography by Leroy “ Satchel” Paige, one of the best and most colorful pitchers in the history of professional baseball. Based on interviews conducted by Cleveland sports writer Hal Lebovitz, this book was first released shortly after Pa . . . [Read More]

Joe Tait: It's Been a Real Ball by Terry Pluto
Joe Tait: It's Been a Real Ball Softcover / eBook
Stories from a Hall-of-Fame Sports Broadcasting Career
by Terry Pluto | Joe Tait

Joe Tait is like a family friend to three generations of Cleveland sports fans. This book celebrates his Hall-of-Fame broadcasting career with stories from Joe and dozens of fans, media colleagues, and players.

He was “ the Voice of the Cleveland Cav . . . [Read More]

Six Inches of Partly Cloudy by Dick Goddard
Six Inches of Partly Cloudy Softcover
Cleveland's Legendary TV Meteorologist Takes on Everything--and More
by Dick Goddard

Legendary Cleveland TV personality and pioneering meteorologist Dick Goddard celebrates a remarkable 50 years on television with this grab-bag of personal stories, witty cartoons, fun facts, and essays about weather, pets, Ohio history, the TV busine . . . [Read More]

This Is Larry Morrow . . . by Larry Morrow
This Is Larry Morrow . . . Hardcover
My Life On and Off the Air; Stories from Four Decades in Cleveland Radio
by Larry Morrow

One of Cleveland's most popular celebrities shares favorite stories about remarkable people and extraordinary events from a long and varied career . . .

Hundreds of thousands of fans tuned in to Larry Morrow each morning for an amazing four decades o . . . [Read More]

Tales from the Road by Neil Zurcher
Tales from the Road Softcover
Memoirs from a Lifetime of Ohio Travel, Television, and More
by Neil Zurcher

After a million miles and four decades as a TV reporter, Neil Zurcher (longtime host of “ One Tank Trips” on WJW TV8 in Cleveland) has a lot of great stories to tell . . .

He met Prince Charles in a bathroom, and tripped and fell on President Gerald F . . . [Read More]

Love You More Than You Know by Janie Reinart
Love You More Than You Know Softcover / eBook
Mothers' Stories About Sending Their Sons and Daughters to War
by Janie Reinart | Mary Anne Mayer

45 mothers of U.S. service men and women open their hearts and share what it feels like when your son or daughter leaves home to fight a war.

“ Mom, I'm being deployed . . .” When they heard that, all of these mothers knew their world had just change . . . [Read More]

Do I Dare Disturb the Universe? by Charlise Lyles
Do I Dare Disturb the Universe? Softcover / eBook
From the Projects to Prep School: A Memoir
by Charlise Lyles

A memoir of race and education, this is the story of a girl who grew up and out of the Cleveland projects in the 1960s and '70s.

While growing up in Cleveland, young Charlise Lyles experienced turbulent events including race riots and a neighborhood . . . [Read More]

Cleveland Cops by John H. Tidyman
Cleveland Cops Softcover
The Real Stories They Tell Each Other
by John H. Tidyman

Gritty, scary, hilarious, and heartbreaking . . . these remarkable true stories will take you on the roller coaster ride that is life as a Cleveland police officer.

These are the real stories cops trade with each other after the shift, over a couple . . . [Read More]

America's Polka King by Bob Dolgan
America's Polka King Softcover
The Real Story of Frankie Yankovic and His Music
by Bob Dolgan

The definitive biography of American music legend Frank Yankovic describes a life filled with triumphs, defeats, crises, and controversies.

An uninhibited original, Yankovic earned his international reputation. For half a century he wowed polka fan . . . [Read More]

Heart of a Mule by Dick Schafrath
Heart of a Mule Hardcover
The Dick Schafrath Stories
by Dick Schafrath

He won national football championships with the 1964 Cleveland Browns and the 1957 Ohio State University Buckeyes. He served four terms in the Ohio senate. He was the first person ever to canoe across Lake Erie. He ran sixty miles nonstop between Cle . . . [Read More]

We'll Always Have Cleveland by Les Roberts
We'll Always Have Cleveland Hardcover / eBook
A Memoir of a Novelist and a City
by Les Roberts

In this memoir, novelist Les Roberts tells how he discovered the heart and soul of a city while fictionalizing it for a series of mysteries.

When Roberts, a TV producer at the time, arrived in Cleveland from L.A. for a short-term consulting job in 1 . . . [Read More]

Barnaby and Me by Linn Sheldon
Barnaby and Me Softcover
by Linn Sheldon

Amazing but true stories from one of the most beloved figures in Cleveland entertainment history.

For 32 years, he was a six-foot-tall elf named Barnaby. That was the character Linn Sheldon played on television, to the delight of three generations o . . . [Read More]

LeBron James: The Rise of a Star by David Lee Morgan Jr.
LeBron James: The Rise of a Star Softcover
by David Lee Morgan Jr.

An up-close look at young LeBron James when he was basketball's hottest prospect, poised at the brink of superstardom.

Sportswriter David Lee Morgan covered the LeBron phenomenon for the Akron Beacon Journal starting with LeBron's freshman year in  . . . [Read More]

The Toe by Lou Groza
The Toe Softcover
The Lou Groza Story
by Lou Groza

Lou “ The Toe” Groza played for the Cleveland Browns longer than anyone (1946–1967), becoming a beloved football icon along the way. His autobiography vividly recalls a golden age of professional football that spans the sport's most important formativ . . . [Read More]

Omar! by Omar Vizquel
Omar! Softcover
My Life On and Off the Field
by Omar Vizquel | Bob Dyer

All-star shortstop Omar Vizquel tells the story of his life in baseball, from the sandlots of Caracas, Venezuela, to Game Seven of the World Series and beyond. It's a a candid look inside the locker room of those powerhouse Indians teams of the late  . . . [Read More]


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