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Cleveland TV Tales Volume 2 by Mike Olszewski
Cleveland TV Tales Volume 2 Softcover
More Stories from the Golden Age of Local Television
by Mike Olszewski | Janice Olszewski

More behind-the-screen stories from the golden age of local television! Let's warm up the old family TV set, step through the screen, and see what was going on behind the scenes with some of our favorite Cleveland television personalities of the 1970 . . . [Read More]

Thirteen Seconds by Joe Eszterhas
Thirteen Seconds Softcover / eBook
Confrontation at Kent State
by Joe Eszterhas | Michael D. Roberts

The dramatic original account of events that shook the nation.

At noon on May 4, 1970, a thirteen-second burst of gunfire transformed the campus of Kent State University into a national nightmare. National Guard bullets killed four students and wound . . . [Read More]

Gimme Rewrite, Sweetheart by John H. Tidyman
Gimme Rewrite, Sweetheart Softcover
Tales From the Last Glory Days of Cleveland Newspapers— Told By The Men and Women Who Reported the News
by John H. Tidyman

Listen in as veteran journalists swap their favorite stories about life on the job at Cleveland's newspapers during the 1950s, '60s and '70s— when fierce competition between the Cleveland Press and the Plain Dealer made daily newspapers the most excit . . . [Read More]

Cleveland TV Tales by Mike Olszewski
Cleveland TV Tales Softcover / eBook
Stories from the Golden Age of Local Television
by Mike Olszewski | Janice Olszewski

Remember when TV was just three channels and the biggest celebrities in Cleveland were an outrageous movie host named Ghoulardi, a gentle elf named Barnaby, and a tough-as-nails newswoman named Dorothy Fuldheim? These pioneering entertainers invented . . . [Read More]

Cleveland Summertime Memories by Gail Ghetia Bellamy
Cleveland Summertime Memories Softcover
A Warm Look Back
by Gail Ghetia Bellamy

What made the summertime special when growing up in Cleveland? The final school bell has rung, so put on your shades, slather on the sunscreen, and relive some of your fondest memories . . .

Taking a dip at the city pool with your best friends. Buil . . . [Read More]

A Touch of Cleveland History by Bob Rich
A Touch of Cleveland History Softcover
Stories from the First 200 Years
by Bob Rich

These 57 short stories are an entertaining introduction to the history of Cleveland, Ohio, for natives and newcomers alike. They hit the highlights— colorful people and remarkable moments from log cabin days to an era of industrial might— and cover sub . . . [Read More]

Cleveland Christmas Memories by Gail Ghetia Bellamy
Cleveland Christmas Memories Softcover
Looking Back at Holidays Past
by Gail Ghetia Bellamy

What made Christmas extra-special to a Cleveland kid? Come relive some of your fondest moments . . .

Seeing Mr. Jingeling (the keeper of Santa's keys) on TV or in person at Halle's. Gazing at the giant Sterling-Lindner tree. Stopping at Higbee's down . . . [Read More]

It Came From Ohio by James Renner
It Came From Ohio Softcover / eBook
True Tales of the Weird, Wild, and Unexplained
by James Renner

Turn on a night light, lock your door, and close the window blinds . . . Join investigative reporter James Renner as he looks into 13 tales of mysterious, creepy, and unexplained events in the Buckeye State, including:

• The giant, spark-emitting Lov . . . [Read More]

This Is Larry Morrow . . . by Larry Morrow
This Is Larry Morrow . . . Hardcover
My Life On and Off the Air; Stories from Four Decades in Cleveland Radio
by Larry Morrow

One of Cleveland's most popular celebrities shares favorite stories about remarkable people and extraordinary events from a long and varied career . . .

Hundreds of thousands of fans tuned in to Larry Morrow each morning for an amazing four decades o . . . [Read More]

Big Chuck! by Chuck Schodowski
Big Chuck! Softcover
My Favorite Stories from 47 Years on Cleveland TV
by Chuck Schodowski | Tom Feran

Cleveland TV legend “ Big Chuck” Schodowski tells hundreds of funny and surprising stories from a lifetime in television— in his familiar, good-natured, Cleveland-to-the-bone style.

Since 1960, Chuck has been on camera, behind the camera, and in the d . . . [Read More]

Ohio Oddities 2nd Edition by Neil Zurcher
Ohio Oddities 2nd Edition Softcover
A Guide to the Curious Attractions of the Buckeye State
by Neil Zurcher

The Buckeye State has no shortage of strange, silly, goofy, quirky, eccentric, and just plain weird places, people, and things— if you know where to look. Nobody has looked in more places than Neil Zurcher, the popular TV travel reporter who has drive . . . [Read More]

Strange Tales from Ohio 2nd Edition by Neil Zurcher
Strange Tales from Ohio 2nd Edition Softcover
True Stories of Remarkable People, Places, and Events in Ohio History
by Neil Zurcher

Ohio history can get pretty strange! From the author of the popular offbeat travel guide “ Ohio Oddities” , here are 75 equally odd tales of Ohio's most remarkable people, places, and events.

Learn why residents of Blueball, Ohio, erected a monument t . . . [Read More]

The Buzzard by John Gorman
The Buzzard Softcover
Inside the Glory Days of WMMS and Cleveland Rock Radio--A Memoir
by John Gorman | Tom Feran

This rock and roll radio memoir takes you behind the scenes at the nation's hottest station during FM's heyday, from 1973 to 1986. Sex and drugs, music and merchandising— it was a wild time when the FM airwaves were wide open for creativity and innova . . . [Read More]

Do I Dare Disturb the Universe? by Charlise Lyles
Do I Dare Disturb the Universe? Softcover / eBook
From the Projects to Prep School: A Memoir
by Charlise Lyles

A memoir of race and education, this is the story of a girl who grew up and out of the Cleveland projects in the 1960s and '70s.

While growing up in Cleveland, young Charlise Lyles experienced turbulent events including race riots and a neighborhood . . . [Read More]

Cemeteries of Northeast Ohio by Vicki Blum Vigil
Cemeteries of Northeast Ohio Softcover
Stones, Symbols & Stories
by Vicki Blum Vigil

A guide to more than 150 cemeteries and memorials in 15 counties throughout Northeast Ohio. Takes history buffs on a journey through time to discover fascinating stories of Cleveland's most notable permanent residents, including celebrities, villains . . . [Read More]

Cleveland Cops by John H. Tidyman
Cleveland Cops Softcover
The Real Stories They Tell Each Other
by John H. Tidyman

Gritty, hilarious, and heartbreaking . . . these remarkable true stories will take you on the roller coaster ride that is life as a Cleveland police officer.

These are the real stories cops trade with each other after the shift, over a couple of bee . . . [Read More]

Cleveland Rock and Roll Memories by Carlo Wolff
Cleveland Rock and Roll Memories Softcover
True and Tall Tales of the Glory Days, Told by Musicians, DJs, Promoters, and Fans Who Made the Scene in the '60s, '70s, and '80s
by Carlo Wolff

Music fans who grew up with Rock and Roll in Cleveland remember a golden age. We were young, so was the music, and the sense of freedom and excitement the Rock and Roll scene delivered was electric. This book collects the favorite memories of Clevela . . . [Read More]

Cleveland Amusement Park Memories by David & Diane Francis
Cleveland Amusement Park Memories Softcover
A Nostalgic Look Back at Euclid Beach Park, Puritas Springs Park, Geauga Lake Park, and Other Classic Parks
by David & Diane Francis

Northeast Ohioans who grew up visiting amusement parks in the 1940s through 1970s will cherish the memories captured in this book, which includes Euclid Beach Park, Luna Park, Geauga Lake Park, Puritas Springs Park, White City, Memphis Kiddie Park, G . . . [Read More]

Barnaby and Me by Linn Sheldon
Barnaby and Me Softcover
by Linn Sheldon

Amazing but true stories from one of the most beloved figures in Cleveland entertainment history.

For 32 years, he was a six-foot-tall elf named Barnaby. That was the character Linn Sheldon played on television, to the delight of three generations o . . . [Read More]

Cleveland Food Memories by Gail Ghetia Bellamy
Cleveland Food Memories Softcover
A Nostalgic Look Back at the Food We Loved, the Places We Bought It, and the People Who Made It Special
by Gail Ghetia Bellamy

Remember when food was local? Cleveland companies made it, and local people sold it and ran the restaurants where we ate it. Now, take a delicious trip into the past.

Food makes powerful memories. Mention Hough Bakery and see how quickly we Cleveland . . . [Read More]

Whatever Happened to the
Whatever Happened to the "Paper Rex" Man? Softcover
And Other Stories of Cleveland's Near West Side
by The May Dugan Center

Do you remember the “ broken cookie store?” Free dish night at the Marval Theater? Saturdays at the Rollercade? Crusin' on Lorain Avenue? Riding the interurban? The smell of fresh bread coming from the neighborhood bakery?

If so, this is the book for . . . [Read More]

The Cleveland Orchestra Story by Donald Rosenberg
The Cleveland Orchestra Story Hardcover
“ Second to None”
by Donald Rosenberg

How did a late-blooming midwestern orchestra rise amid gritty Big Industry to become a titan in the world of Big Art? This groundbreaking book tells the complete story of the people and events that shaped the Cleveland Orchestra into a classical musi . . . [Read More]

Feagler's Cleveland by Dick Feagler
Feagler's Cleveland Softcover
The Best from Three Decades of Commentary by Cleveland's Top Columnist
by Dick Feagler

Dick Feagler's sharp-witted newspaper columns and TV commentaries defined Cleveland for a generation. This book collects the award-winning columnist's best writing about his hometown: 104 essays covering Cleveland politics, sports, crime, people (fam . . . [Read More]

Ghoulardi by Tom Feran
Ghoulardi Softcover
Inside Cleveland TV's Wildest Ride
by Tom Feran | R. D. Heldenfels

The definitive story of the outrageous Ghoulardi TV show and its unusual creator— on screen and behind the scenes, with rare photos, interviews, original scripts, and trivia.

Ernie Anderson shocked and delighted Northeast Ohio in the mid-1960s, when  . . . [Read More]


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