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Damn Right I'm From Cleveland by Mike Polk
Damn Right I'm From Cleveland Softcover
Your Guide to Makin' It in America's 47th Biggest City
by Mike Polk

Comedian Mike Polk Jr. has received more than 50 million views on YouTube alone for his witty Internet videos ("Hastily Made Tourism Video," "Cleveland Browns: Factory of Sadness," and others). Now he delivers the same wicked sense of humor in a book . . . [Read More]

Ohio Oddities 2nd Edition by Neil Zurcher
Ohio Oddities 2nd Edition Softcover
A Guide to the Curious Attractions of the Buckeye State
by Neil Zurcher

The Buckeye State has no shortage of strange, silly, goofy, quirky, eccentric, and just plain weird places, people, and things— if you know where to look. Nobody has looked in more places than Neil Zurcher, the popular TV travel reporter who has drive . . . [Read More]

Strange Tales from Ohio 2nd Edition by Neil Zurcher
Strange Tales from Ohio 2nd Edition Softcover
True Stories of Remarkable People, Places, and Events in Ohio History
by Neil Zurcher

Ohio history can get pretty strange! From the author of the popular offbeat travel guide “ Ohio Oddities” , here are 75 equally odd tales of Ohio's most remarkable people, places, and events.

Learn why residents of Blueball, Ohio, erected a monument t . . . [Read More]

The Great Indoors by Eric Broder
The Great Indoors Softcover
Favorites 1987–1996
by Eric Broder

Ever had someone tell you just a little too much about himself? Meet Eric Broder, who made a habit of doing this— in the newspaper!

Certain classic elements make a humor column irresistible. Workplace humiliation, weird food, rotten vacations, cats g . . . [Read More]


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