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Ashtabula Hat Trick by Les Roberts
Ashtabula Hat Trick Hardcover
A Milan Jacovich / K.O. O'Bannion Mystery (#18)
by Les Roberts

#18 in the Milan Jacovich mystery series. When Milan's beau— and Cleveland homicide detective— Tobe Blaine is tasked to investigate the first-ever murder in nearby Queenstown, Ohio, the two pack their bags for a trip to rural Ashtabula County. After an . . . [Read More]

The Making of Major League by Jonathan Knight
The Making of Major League Softcover
A Juuuust a Bit Inside Look at the Classic Baseball Comedy
by Jonathan Knight

A behind-the-scenes look at one of the greatest baseball movies ever.

If you love watching "Major League," you'll be fascinated by this inside story. Based on interviews with all major cast members plus crew and producers, it tells how writer/direct . . . [Read More]

The Franchise by Terry Pluto
The Franchise Softcover / eBook
LeBron James and the Remaking of the Cleveland Cavaliers
by Terry Pluto | Brian Windhorst

An in-depth look at how a team and a city were rebuilt around LeBron James . . .

When the Cleveland Cavaliers drew the top pick in the 2003 NBA draft, the entire city buzzed with excitement. How often does a superstar come along? Especially for Cleve . . . [Read More]

Thirteen Seconds by Joe Eszterhas
Thirteen Seconds Softcover / eBook
Confrontation at Kent State
by Joe Eszterhas | Michael D. Roberts

The dramatic original account of events that shook the nation.

At noon on May 4, 1970, a thirteen-second burst of gunfire transformed the campus of Kent State University into a national nightmare. National Guard bullets killed four students and wound . . . [Read More]

Gimme Rewrite, Sweetheart by John H. Tidyman
Gimme Rewrite, Sweetheart Softcover
Tales From the Last Glory Days of Cleveland Newspapers— Told By The Men and Women Who Reported the News
by John H. Tidyman

Listen in as veteran journalists swap their favorite stories about life on the job at Cleveland's newspapers during the 1950s, '60s and '70s— when fierce competition between the Cleveland Press and the Plain Dealer made daily newspapers the most excit . . . [Read More]

Truth and Justice for Fun and Profit by Michael Heaton
Truth and Justice for Fun and Profit Softcover
Collected Reporting
by Michael Heaton

Cleveland is a crazy quilt of bold schemes, failed dreams, and colorful characters in this collection of Michael Heaton's best newspaper and magazine stories.

Heaton has reported on as wide a range of subjects as any active Cleveland journalist. On a . . . [Read More]

Glory Days in Tribe Town by Terry Pluto
Glory Days in Tribe Town Softcover / eBook
The Cleveland Indians and Jacobs Field 1994–1997
by Terry Pluto | Tom Hamilton

Relive the most thrilling seasons of Cleveland Indians baseball in recent memory!

Remember the excitement of those first years at Jacobs Field? When it seemed the Indians could find a way to win almost any game? When screaming fans rocked the jam-pac . . . [Read More]

Cleveland TV Tales by Mike Olszewski
Cleveland TV Tales Softcover / eBook
Stories from the Golden Age of Local Television
by Mike Olszewski | Janice Olszewski

Remember when TV was just three channels and the biggest celebrities in Cleveland were an outrageous movie host named Ghoulardi, a gentle elf named Barnaby, and a tough-as-nails newswoman named Dorothy Fuldheim? These pioneering entertainers invented . . . [Read More]

Wet Work by Les Roberts
Wet Work Softcover
A Dominick Candiotti Suspense Novel
by Les Roberts

Dominick Candiotti is a paid assassin employed by the shadowy Brownstone Agency. After one too many assignments, weary of the violence and a life of temporary identities, he wants to leave the profession. His anonymous boss, code-named "Og," isn't ha . . . [Read More]


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