Paul Orlousky will talk about Punched, kicked, spat on and sometimes thanked - retelling stories from more than 50 years as a street reporter. on Wed 2024-09-25 @ 06:30 at Willoughby Eastlake Public Library, Willoughby Hills library, 35400 Chardon Rd., Willoughby

Paul Orlousky talk: Tales from 50 years as a Cleveland TV street reporter – Willoughby Hills Library

Paul Orlousky, the veteran Cleveland TV reporter (and Press Club Hall of Fame member), talks about 50 years on television as a street reporter.  “I saw a lot of things: Historic events. Horrific crimes. Bizarre behavior. Heartwarming deeds. And sometimes just hilarious, silly stuff …”  He’ll talk about what went on behind the camera … Racing to the scene in a tiny helicopter or crouching inside a sweltering news van on a stakeout … What he heard in a judge’s chambers or a courtroom lobby after a tense trial … How the internal workings of a news operation shaped the reporting viewers saw onscreen … Threats from angry subjects of an investigation, like shady business owners, politicians, and sometimes even cops …  If you’ve ever watched local TV news, you’ll enjoy these backstories behind the news stories. You’ll get a few chuckles, and might even wind up a better informed news consumer. After the talk, he’ll sign copies of his book, Punched, Kicked, Spat On, and Sometimes Thanked.


Wed Sep 25, 2024


6:25 pm - 7:30 pm


Willoughby Public Library
Willoughby Public Library
30 Public Square, Willoughby, OH | 440-942-3200


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