We’ve selected some fun sets of books that make great gifts (including for yourself!) at great prices. Check back from time to time — we’re always chaning up the mix.

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  • Book cover images of Vintage Browns and Vintage Cavs by Terry Pluto

    Vintage Browns/Cavs Bundle 30% off

    Sale! $23.04
  • Book cover images for six books of true crime and disaster by John Stark Bellamy II

    True Crime / Disaster Bundle – Set of 6 for 30% Off

    Sale! $62.82
  • Two books by John H. Tidyman: Cleveland Cops and Gimme Rewrite, Sweatheart

    Cops and Reporters Bundle – 2-for-1

    Sale! $15.95
  • Two book cover images: Ghoulardi by Tom Feran and R. D. Heldenfels; and Big Chuck! by Chuck Schodowski

    Turn Blue Bundle – 2 Books About Late Night TV Nostalgia – 25% Off

    Sale! $28.43
  • Book cover images of two books: Mike Hargrove and the Cleveland Indians by Jim Ingraham and Glory Days in Tribe Town by Terry Pluto

    Cleveland Indians Jacobs Field Era Bundle – Save 25%

    Sale! $26.18
  • Two books by Mike and Janice Olszewski: Cleveland TV Tales and Cleveland TV Tales Volume 2

    Cleveland TV Tales Bundle – 2 Books 33% Off

    Sale! $21.37
  • Book cover images for three books by Les Roberts: Pepper Pike; Full Cleveland; and Deep Shaker

    Cleveland Private-Eye Mystery Series Starter Bundle – First 3 in Series HALF PRICE

    Sale! $22.43
  • Cavs Path to Championship Bundle: Comeback and Franchise — 2 for 1

    Sale! $15.95

Showing all 8 results