Blimp Pilot Terrorizes Akron (And Other Hot Air)

From Columnist Bob Dyer of the Akron Beacon Journal

Bob Dyer


Here’s Akron, with attitude. Bob Dyer’s biting commentary in the Beacon Journal has earned him followers and foes–and a boatload of awards. In this collection he nearly crashes the Goodyear blimp, panhandles on a downtown street corner, dispenses unsolicited advice to LeBron James, and generally waves a red flag at political correctness.

Softcover / 246 pages / 5.5 x 8.5 in.

ISBN: 9781938441486


Here’s Akron, with attitude. A giant cockroach, ticket-happy traffic cops, sexting teens, bumbling politicians, prima donna sports stars . . . There are few topics that Akron Beacon Journal columnist Bob Dyer hasn’t tackled head-on. His biting commentary has earned him followers and foes alike—along with a boatload of awards. In this collection of his best writing, Dyer nearly crashes the Goodyear blimp, drag races in a ’64 Plymouth Barracuda, drives a 126-ton locomotive, panhandles on a downtown street corner, surveys the “Great Wall of Fairlawn,” dispenses unsolicited advice to LeBron James, and generally waves a red flag at political correctness. Great fun to read—as long as you’re not overly sensitive!

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Table of Contents


Stow Photo Op Creates Roadblock

‘PC’ Push Simply Gets in the Way

A Good Month for Awareness

Sensitivity Runs Amok in Federal League

Coventry Township Man Didn’t Fight for This

Lane Hogs Should Get Tickets

Copley Case is Not About Race

Some Advice For Al Sharpton

Governor Tanks Case for School Mom

Wadsworth Man Hammered Only By Association

DUI Campaign is All for Show

Anonymous Posters Need a Backbone

The Great Wall of Fairlawn Has Sequel

Super Stupid

Wimpy Texting Law Won’t Keep Any of Us Safe

Troopers Launch Ticket-Writing Frenzy

Ticket Binge on I-77 Pays the Bills

Arrogance of Feds Unites Unlikely Pair

Idiot Candidates & a Pinheaded Editor


Next Bus Stop: Oblivion

Out of the Way, Casey Jones

Thundering Through the Corn

Blimp Pilot Terrorizes Akron

Killing the Coliseum

Middle-Aged Man & the Sea

Wilt’s Old Car Has Plenty of Legroom

Panhandler for a Day


The Buzzards Return to . . . Clinton?

BMV Dislikes Your Plate? 2BAD4U

‘Gay Akron’ Needs Some Work

Million-Dollar Pal

Urine Counters Go With the Flow

‘Science’ Center is Anything But

Camping is for Losers

Up Close & Personal With Angie Everhart

Akron’s Bug Crawls to Youngstown

Area Teens Incriminate Themselves

Area Teens See the Light

Some Cops Are Superhuman

Romping at the Playboy Mansion

Getting Pickled

Warning: Do Not Eat This Column!


St. V-M vs. Hoban: Common Ground at Last

Home Plate Covers All the Bases

‘Akron Blast’ Misfires

October is the Cruelest Month

Field Tilted Toward Private Schools

Why Play Sports?

Wounded Tiger Doesn’t Hurt Firestone’s Zoo

The King Builds His Castle in Bath

Your Kid Won’t Go Pro!

Teasing Albert Isn’t Funny

LeBron Takes His Talents to South Beach

There Used to Be a Ballpark

Tune Out Penn State, Tune In Revere


Bridge Over Akron, Akron, Akron

Scandalous Behavior

Mangled Phrases Bring Joy

Poor Use of Language Irks Readers

Readers Are Feeling Pet Peevish

Language Quirkiness Still Runs Rampant

Grating On Their Ears

Word Woes Still Driving Them Mad


Springfield, Highland Personify School Extremes

Akrons, Akrons Everywhere

Tiny Rules Add Up to a Big Pain

Our Colors Might Clash for Eternity

Goodwill’s Trash is Her Treasure

An Apple for the Teacher

Vietnam Wall Works Best in the Rain

Your Show Won’t Run Indefinitely

Black and White But Not Read All Over

Life Stories No Longer Seem So Long

Not All There at E.J. Thomas

Mogadore Rallies Behind Favorite Son

Wooster’s Ernie Infield Leaves Lasting Legacy

A Walk In The Park is as Good as it Gets

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