Cleveland TV Tales Volume 1

Stories from the Golden Age of Local Television

Mike & Janice Olszewski


Remember when TV was just three channels and the biggest celebrities in Cleveland were a movie host named Ghoulardi, an elf named Barnaby, and a newscaster named Dorothy Fuldheim? Revisit the early days in these lively stories about the pioneering entertainers who invented television programming before our very eyes. Filled with fun details.

Softcover / 192 pages / 5.5 x 8.5 inches / 60 photos / ISBN 9781938441578


Remember when TV was just three channels and the biggest celebrities in Cleveland were an outrageous movie host named Ghoulardi, a gentle elf named Barnaby, and a tough-as-nails newswoman named Dorothy Fuldheim? These pioneering entertainers invented television programming before our very eyes while we watched from our living rooms.

Revisit the early days of local TV in these fun and fact-filled stories featuring . . . Paige Palmer, the fitness host who smoked four packs a day . . . Smooth-voiced Captain Penny, who reminded us, “You can’t fool mom” . . . Volatile talk show host Alan Douglas, who pushed guests’ hot buttons—sometimes until they punched back . . . Gene Carroll, longtime king of the amateur hour . . . Woodrow, the Woodsman . . . Romper Room’s Miss Barbara . . . Jungle Larry . . . and many other local favorites.

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Table of Contents

Foreword by Dan O’Shannon

Preface (The First TV Generation)

After the Test Pattern (When TV Was Brand New)

Doug What’s-His-Name and the Early Days of TV News

From Barn Dance to Upbeat (Music Television Long Before MTV)

“My Dog’s Name Is Barnaby” (Linn Sheldon and the Birth of Children’s Television)

“If you want to talk to me you can come to Cleveland!” (Dorothy Fuldheim, Cleveland’s Grande Dame of Television)

From Fanny Bumps to the Director’s Chair (Women in Television)

The Ultimate Amateur Hour (Gene Carroll)

When You Didn’t Have Another Program . . . (Movie Hosts)

“. . . but you can’t fool Mom.” (Ron Penfound and Captain Penny)

The Man Behind Mr. Magoo (Jim Backus)

Santa’s Man in Cleveland (Mr. Jingeling Brings Christmas to the Small Screen)

“My dad wants to sell you a car now!” (Commercials)

He Was Made for Children’s Television (Woodrow, the Woodsman)

The Battle Behind the Glass (Sports on TV)

A Groundbreaker (George Anthony Moore)

Socko Meets His Match (The Dark World of Alan Douglas)

Hands Off the Untouchables! (The Return of Eliot Ness)

The Cleveland Clan (Local Talent Heads to Hollywood)

“No one believed that I could line up enough guests” (Jim Doney and Adventure Road)




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