Cleveland TV Tales Volume 2

More Stories from the Golden Age of Local Television

Mike & Janice Olszewski


More behind-the-screen stories from Cleveland TV history (1960s-’90s), including the rise of glamorous news anchors with big hair and perky noses, battling horror-movie hosts, investigative reporters stalking wrongdoers on both sides of the law, a daytime host’s bizarre scandal, a mayor who co-hosted with a ventriloquist’s dummy, and much more.

Softcover / 189 pages / 5.5 x 8.5 in. / 38 photos

ISBN: 9781938441752


More behind-the-screen stories from the golden age of local television!

Let’s warm up the old family TV set, step through the screen, and see what was going on behind the scenes with some of our favorite Cleveland television personalities of the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s. We’ll look back at the rise of glamorous news anchors (including more than one Miss America contestant) with perfect smiles, perky noses, and really big hair . . . Late-night horror-movie hosts battling to take over the legacy of the legendary Ghoulardi . . . The strange, sad saga of the former daytime host who shot himself after a bizarre sex scandal . . .  A weatherman who was a lightning rod for coworkers’ endless practical jokes . . . The investigative reporters whose sting operations caught wrongdoers with their pants down—sometimes literally! . . . The gutsy reporter who interviewed Danny Greene hours before the mobster was blown up in his car . . . The Cleveland mayor who co-hosted a children’s show with a ventriloquist’s dummy . . . and many other true tales.

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Table of Contents


Ernie’s Legacy (Following in the Footsteps of “Ghoulardi”)

“They tortured me at Channel 5 . . .” (Mark Koontz)

The Morning Exchange

“You can never wipe out a sex scandal” (The Strange, Sad Saga of Joel Rose)

News, Views, and Loose Screws

“We’re number three!” (Getting Into the TV News Biz)

“You’ll be lucky if any of you leave my office with a job!” (Channel 5 Reports the End of the Cleveland Press)

Happy Talk and Hair-Dos (The Never-Ending Search for Viewer-Friendly Faces)

“You should know better than to be here.” (TV Reporters and Dangerous Locations)

And Then There Was Disco . . . (Weekday Fever)

“Pretty and Perky and Straight of Proboscis” (Cleveland’s First Female News Anchor Arrives)

A Fine Line Between Serious and Silly (Sports and Weather)

“This is Dan Rather. Who Am I Speaking To?” (“Do You Own The City?”

Carl Stokes Begins His TV Career)

“Supe’s On!” (Marty Sullivan and Superhost)

“Weather and sportscasters look like real people.” (Al Roker in Cleveland)

“We told everybody they’re going to be offended.” (WEWS Takes Heat for Grisly Footage)

Not Making Many Friends (Investigative Reporters)

“In my life, laundry and glamour don’t mix!” (Dorothy Fuldheim Was Tough to the End)




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