Death Ride at Euclid Beach

And Other True Tales of Crime & Disaster from Cleveland’s Past

John Stark Bellamy, II


The 5th book in Bellamy’s popular series delivers 26 more tales of Cleveland crimes and disasters. Includes one of Cleveland’s most baffling murder mysteries: the brutal murder of 16-year-old Beverly Jarosz in her suburban bedroom. Bellamy’s stories are meticulously researched and delivered in a literate and entertaining style.

Softcover / 265 pages / 5.5 x 8.5 in. / 103 photos

ISBN: 9781886228856


“Has more than its fair share of violence, sex, debauchery and reversals of fortune . . . But what emerges between the lines are stories of human suffering, stories of class struggle, stories that speak as much to the criminal mind as to the crime itself.”Sun Newspapers

More true tales of woe from Cleveland’s crime and disaster expert. The fifth book in John Stark Bellamy’s popular series delivers 26 accounts of Cleveland-area crimes and disasters from 1900 through 1950, including:

• The depression-era “Blue Book Murder,” in which a swank Shaker Heights society party was interrupted by low-class thugs with deadly intentions;

• Truculent barkeep Thomas Martin, whose idea of a good time was shooting the lunch buckets out of unsuspecting laborers’ hands as they came off their Whiskey Island shifts;

• A strange international photo hoax in which Lakewood lad John May Warren became “The boy with Hitler’s face”;

• Sleepwalking Harry Krause, who dreamt one night of battling a gigantic snake but awoke to the real nightmare: he had strangled his own beloved mother in her bed;

• The shocking murder of sweet 16-year-old Beverly Jarosz in her Garfield Heights bedroom—one of Cleveland’s most baffling murder mysteries ever;

And 20 more local true stories of courage, fear, deception, treachery, tragedy, violence, and guilt. Sometimes gruesome, often surprising, Bellamy’s tales are meticulously researched and delivered in a literate and entertaining style.

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Table of Contents


1. “He’s Got a Gun!” (The Tina LaMont Story, 1956)

2. The Lion Sleeps (Forever) Tonight (Death at Public Hall, 1934)

3. Blind Murder (The Killing of Thomas Martin, 1907)

4. Seduced and Abandoned (Jennie, a Girl of the Cleveland Streets, 1871)

5. Death on the Hoof (The Cleveland Stockyards Fire, 1944)

6. Death on Derbyshire (The Newcomb Murder-Suicide, 1934)

7. The Vanishing Coed (The Disappearance of Ruth Baumgardner, 1937)

8. The Black Silk Handkerchief (The Murder of John Shipp, 1900)

9. The Man Who Led Two Lives (The Lawrence Bader Story, 1957)

10. Manhattan Beach Melee (The Bostock Animal Riots, 1902)

11. Death Ride at Euclid Beach (The Sad Fate of Joseph Senk, 1943)

12. Fractious Friday the Thirteenth (The Communist Relief Riots, 1934)

13. “She Made Me Sore . . .” (The Ida Deli Murder, 1920)

14. The Boy with Hitler’s Face (The John May Warren Photo Hoax, 1938)

15. Behind Every Successful Man (The Glengary “Blue Book” Killing, 1930)

16. Alcohol to Burn (The Russo Wine Company Fire, 1948)

17. “A Wretched Outcast From Society” (The Murder of John Osborne, 1853)

18. “A Swing for a Swing” (Slaughter on Cedar Avenue, 1871)

19. “I’ve Murdered My Mother!” (The Krause Tragedy, 1901)

20. Bloody Doings at Olmsted (The Lonesome Death of Rosa Colvin, 1866)

21. Don’t Play Doctor (Frenchy Balanescu’s Little Love Pills, 1926)

22. Death of a Detective (The Killing of William Foulks, 1900)

23. A Second Shot at Life (The Gothic Tale of Eula Dortch, 1965)

24. “A Living Tomb” (Ellen Hunt’s Crusade, 1897–1935)

25. Black Monday at Garfield (The Beverly Jarosz Tragedy, 1964)

26. “Straighten Them Out” (The Celia Barger Horror, 1953)

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