Faith and You Volume 2

More Essays on Faith in Everyday Life

Terry Pluto


More thoughtful essays by Terry Pluto (“the sportswriter who writes about faith”), based on his popular Plain Dealer column “Faith and You.” These plain and personal musings discuss topics we all face in everday life: insults and what they really mean, prayers delayed or unanswered, sibling rivalry, relating to our fathers, losing a pet, and more.

Softcover / 197 pages / 5.5 x 8.5 in. / ISBN 9781938441127


More from “the sportswriter who writes about faith” . . . Here’s a second helping of Terry Pluto’s plain and personal musings on topics we all face in everyday life: insults and what they really mean, prayers that don’t seem to get answered, endless sibling rivalry, figuring out how to relate to our fathers . . .

“My goal is not to convert anyone reading the paper,” Terry writes. “It is to make them think, and to bring some comfort. I write for people who are struggling with faith, or people in pain—physical or emotional. My job is to give them a voice, and to talk about the kind of faith we need to get through what life throws at us each day.”

Terry already had a dream job: getting paid to write about sports for a daily newspaper. But when the opportunity arose to write about more spiritual topics, he embraced the challenge. Readers are glad he did. His “Faith and You” column now regularly touches the lives of thousands of loyal readers.

Terry writes for people who aren’t always confident in their beliefs but know faith is still important to them . . . For people who sometimes get mad at their church or disagree with their pastor yet don’t want to lose the spiritual side of their lives . . . For people of different faiths or backgrounds or who aren’t even sure they’re religious. These essays don’t claim to have all the answers. But the questions they raise give readers something to think about all week.

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