Pass the Nuts

More Stories About The Most Unusual, Eccentric & Outlandish People I’ve Known in Four Decades as a Sports Journalist

Dan Coughlin


A second rollicking collection of tales about colorful characters and memorable events from the author of “Crazy, With the Papers to Prove It.” Sportswriter Dan Coughlin has met everyone from gun-toting softball fanatics to millionaire sports team owners. Reading his stories is like dipping into a bowl of bar nuts—easy to start and hard to stop!

Softcover / 262 pages / 5.5 x 8.5 in. / 12 photos

ISBN: 9781598510737


“A trove of tales—some poignant, even tragic; many hilarious.”Akron Beacon Journal

Dan Coughlin serves up a second rollicking collection of stories about colorful characters and memorable events from his four decades covering sports for Cleveland TV and newspapers.

Meet the gun-toting fanatics of Morgana Park—once home of “the most intense slow pitch softball league in the world.” Sit in on a star-studded night in the legendary Theatrical Restaurant alongside Don King while Coughlin flips a coin for a $500 bar tab with Ted Turner. Ride along on a series of death-defying, top-priority helicopter trips to report on . . . high school football.

Reading Coughlin’s stories is like dipping into a bowl of bar nuts—easy to start and hard to stop!

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Dimensions8.5 × 0.5 × 5.5 in

Table of Contents


Mike Cleary: Fired by Steinbrenner

Harry Leitch: Life Was a Party

Jack Lengyel: He Tormented Everyone

Gene Hickerson: Elvis Took His Calls

Dick Schafrath: Can’t Turn Down a Challenge

Morrie Kono: 20-20 IQ

Creighton Miller: Notre Dame’s Free Spirit

Come to Miami, Bring a Gun

Cousin Tommy Coughlin: Hurricane Warnings

Brian Dowling: A Living Legend

Break the Story First

Friday Night Fever

Rats’ Nest Corners and Other Fantasies

Denny Marcin: Never Out of Work

Kevin Mackey: The Great Recruiter

Al McGuire: Self-Confessed Con Man

Ken Carpenter: Couldn’t Hold a Job

Name’s the Same: Who Are These Guys?

LeBron James: No Names, Please

Dave Plagman: Runaway Train

John Lowenstein: Model of Consistency

Bob Cain: Pitched to a Midget

Richie Scheinblum: Hit for Reverse Cycle

Bob Roberts: Nude Beaches and the Derby

D’Arcy Egan: Catch and Release

Les Levine: Voice of Truth and Reason

Ken Coleman: Loyal to an Old Friend

Bambi Gone Berserk: Overrun With Deer

Punxsutawney Phil’s Untimely Demise

Cats and Rats: Hold Your Breath

Willie Mays and 3.2 Beer

The Theatrical: Characters Welcome

The Blue Fox: Under Siege by the FBI

Mike Carney: A Bullet Saved His Life

Lakewood Village: Home of the Calder Cup

Buddy Langdon: Memories Forever

Chuck Webster: At the Beginning

Sluggers: They Ruined the Game

Sunday Slow Pitch: A Bad Team

Chester Meats: Bull Held Hostage


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