Strange Tales from Ohio 2nd Edition

True Stories of Remarkable People, Places, and Events in Ohio History

Neil Zurcher


Ohio history can get pretty strange! Meet Ashtabula’s famed Headless Chicken, who lived without his noggin for 38 days. Was Ohio really bombed by the Japanese in WWII? Introducing the inventor of disposable diapers . . . For anyone who enjoys history with a twist, here are 75 tales of the Buckeye State’s most unusual people, places, and events.

Softcover / 241 pages / 5.5 x 8.5 in. / 56 photos / ISBN 9781598510485


“A delightful read . . . Zurcher chooses his anecdotes well, balancing scandalous murder mysteries and the truly odd with lighter fare about Ohio’s famous inventors and funniest first achievements.” — Akron Life Magazine

Ohio history can get pretty strange! From the author of the popular offbeat travel guide “Ohio Oddities”, here are 75 equally odd tales of Ohio’s most remarkable people, places, and events.

Learn why residents of Blueball, Ohio, erected a monument to a pig. Witness the birth of the inflatable airplane in Akron. Revisit Ohio’s last public whipping, near Dayton. Find out if Ohio really was bombed by the Japanese in World War II. Read about Ashtabula’s famed Headless Chicken, who lived without his noggin for 38 days . . . the world’s first recorded automobile accident . . . the man who invented disposable diapers . . .

A real treat for anyone who enjoys Ohio history with a twist.

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The Last Public Whipping in Ohio

The Eccentric Elys of Elyria

The Murder of George B. Saxton

America’s First Black Politician

The Man Who Built a City

The Inflatable Airplane

The Painting That Went to Jail

The Frenchmen’s Lost Gold

Fort Fizzle

The Lincoln Hoax

Cleveland’s Big Party

The Headless Chicken

The Legend of Chester Bedell

Warren Guthrie, Broadcasting Legend

Chewing Gum


Two Graves for Anthony Wayne

The Statue That Can’t Find a Home

The Secret of Perry’s Monument

The Ohio-Michigan War

The World’s Greatest Amateur Astronomer

The First Automobile Collision

German P.O.W.s in Ohio


Monument to a Pig

A Curse on Lebanon

When the Voice of America Came from Ohio

The Hollow Earth Theory

The March King

The Father of Disposable Diapers

The Town Where Everyone Is in Love

The Mystery of the Hopewell Highway

The Poet from Dayton

Sincerely, Woodrow Wilson

Disaster at Chillicothe

The Legend of Eugene

Mr. Tingle’s Gift

The Grapes of Ohio

The Youngest Player in Professional Baseball

America’s Oldest Veteran


The Waterloo Wonders

The Mysterious Ring

The Shadow

A Man of the River

Last of the Mail Pouch Barn Painters


The Klems of Newark

The Real Horse Whisperer

The Curse of Leatherlips

The First Commercial Flight

Fire in the Big House

Insulted by a Dead Man

Flight to Eternity


The Apple Man

Laddie Boy

Edison’s Last Invention

General Custer’s Deadly Hobby

Was Ohio Bombed by Japan in World War II?

Two Unusual Governors

Never Give Away Your Good Luck

The Great Chase



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