This Is Larry Morrow …

My Life On and Off the Air; Stories from Four Decades in Cleveland Radio

Larry Morrow


A hall-of-fame radio celebrity shares favorite stories about memorable people and events from four decades. Morrow’s upbeat, friendly style won him lifetime fans. An outspoken civic booster, he was dubbed “Mr. Cleveland” by former mayor George Voinovich. Morrow’s credo: “Do all the good you can, to everyone you can, every time you can.”

Hardcover / 286 pages / 5.6 x 8.8 in. / 27 photos

ISBN: 9781598510690


One of Cleveland’s most popular celebrities shares favorite stories about remarkable people and extraordinary events from a long and varied career . . .

Hundreds of thousands of fans tuned in to Larry Morrow each morning for an amazing four decades on four radio stations—WIXY, 3WE, WERE, and WQAL. Larry hit the Cleveland airwaves in 1966 at rock ‘n’ roll powerhouse WIXY 1260 as one of the “WIXY Supermen,” who led that station to #1 ratings. His upbeat and friendly style made him a fan favorite, and his loyal audience followed wherever he took his show.

Always an outspoken booster for his adopted home town—even in tough times when that attitude was uncommon—Larry quickly became popular off the air, too. He was master of ceremonies for many of Cleveland’s biggest events, including its official bicentennial celebration, attended by 450,00 people—the largest crowd ever assembled in Cleveland. He was chosen to introduce five U.S. presidents. For his nonstop civic efforts he was given the honorary title “Mr. Cleveland” by former mayor George Voinovich.

Larry was inducted into the prestigious Radio and Television Hall of Fame and is the only Ohio broadcaster nominated to the National Radio Hall of Fame. Through it all, his success has been based on a simple principle: “Do all the good you can . . . to everyone you can . . . every time you can.”

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Table of Contents


The Making of a Broadcaster

You Will Never Make It

The Son of a Plumber

My Very First Interview: Elvis Presley

Leaving California Behind

From Trainee to President


Welcome to Cleveland, Duker

A Team of Retreads

Radio Juggernaut

The Genius of Norm Wain

Masters of Promotion

The Breakup of That Old Gang of Mine

The WIXY All Stars

WIXY Brings the Boys Home for Thanksgiving

Going Out on Top

More Adventures in Cleveland Radio

Going It Alone

Nick Mileti Brings Me On

A Hunger to Improve

“Mr. Cleveland”

Turning Cleveland Right Side Up

The President’s Man


Dad, You’d Better Get Your Fanny Over to FM

Tune in to Morrow Tomorrow

Some Memorable Interviews

From the Cleveland Orchestra to Madonna

Do All the Good You Can

My Finest Hour

No One Lives a Charmed Life


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