Weird Moments in Cleveland Sports

Bottlegate, Bedbugs, and Burying the Pennant

Vince Guerrieri


Cleveland sports fans have seen more than their share of weird, wild, and random events: a pitcher struck by lightning on the mound, a wrong-way basket, the 10-Cent Beer Night riot, a player traded for himself, a victory thanks to a swarm of insects, a loss capped with a shower of beer bottles … If you can’t laugh about it, what else can you do?

Softcover / 198 pages / 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN: 9781598511239


Cleveland sports fans: If you can’t laugh about it, what else are you gonna do?

Cleveland sports teams have set records for futility in baseball, football, and basketball. But even beyond that, Cleveland sports fans have witnessed more than their share of weird, wild, random, and odd occurrences, from front office ineptitude to absurd losses to bizarre injuries and more.

Like the Cavs player who accidentally scored a layup in the wrong basket (and another who shot at his own basket on purpose) …

The testy Tribe manager who got into a fight during an exhibition game with the Triple-A farm team …

The Browns owner who took advice from a random stranger on the street and blew a first-round draft pick on “Johnny Football” …

The rookie pitcher shot in the leg while riding on the team bus wearing a cheerleader outfit and go-go boots

The team owner once called “the dumbest man in pro sports” …

One Browns star whose season-ending injury came while popping a wheelie and another whose eye was nearly put out by a referee’s flag …

The Indians player who was traded for himself

A victory owed to a timely swarm of insects

The Cavaliers’ first draft, planned using bubble-gum cards

When Tribe mascot Slider fell off the outfield wall into live action during a playoff game …

Phew! And we’re just getting started. (We haven’t even mentioned 10-Cent Beer Night yet.) If you’re a Cleveland sports fan, you’ll enjoy this offbeat collection.

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Table of Contents

  • “Only in Cleveland.”
  • On-field absurdity
  • It seemed like a good idea at the time …
  • Athletes behaving badly
  • Larceny Inc.
  • Coaching ain’t easy
  • Adventures in sports ownership
  • Front office follies
  • Strange injuries
  • Wait, that guy was here?

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