Whatever Happened to the "Paper Rex" Man?

And Other Stories of Cleveland’s Near West Side

The May Dugan Center


For anyone nostalgic about growing up on Cleveland’s near West side (or in any old urban neighborhood), these 72 short, personal essays look back fondly at the old days. Remember playing cops-and-robbers in the alley? The Rollercade? Streetcars, Marval Theater’s free dish night, Penny candy at the corner store . . . They’re all here—with photos.

Softcover / 108 pages / 37 photos / 8.5 x 11 inches

ISBN: 9780963076014


Do you remember the “broken cookie store?” Free dish night at the Marval Theater? Saturdays at the Rollercade? Crusin’ on Lorain Avenue? Riding the interurban? The smell of fresh bread coming from the neighborhood bakery?

If so, this is the book for you. Inside are 72 stories about life on Cleveland’s Near West Side in the first half of the 20th Century, including . . . Summer afternoons at Perkins Beach . . . Playing “cops and robbers” in the alley . . . Hanging out at Heck’s . . . Visits from the “umbrella man” . . . penny candy at the corner store . . . and lots more!

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Table of Contents

Really—Where is The Near West Side?


Whiskey Island: The Island That Isn’t There

A Potpourri of Memories

Cleveland Sandlot Baseball

What We Did For Fun

Early 1900s

The Gordon Neighborhood

Winter Fun


Early Nineteenth Century Immigrants’ Contribution to Cleveland

A Man to Remember

The “Paper Rex” Man

West Side Memories

James Ford Rhodes

West Side Community House

Day Care Baby

Pizza, Potato Chips, Ice Cream—Back When

The Corner Store

Rubbish Pickin’

Abbey Market

Penny Candy

John Patrick “Johnny” Kilbane

Rail Transportation


Street Scenes





Some West Side “Good Old Days” Reflections

Out to Eat

To Market, To Market

Joseph & Feiss Company

The Heisman House(s)

The Teachout House

Lost in the ’50s

Gone Fishin’

Orchard School

Door Service

Second Empire Italianate

William L. Halloran

The West Side Hungarian Lutheran Church


A Former St. Ignatius H.S. Student Remembers

Harry O

I Could Have Danced All Night

1950s Music



Memories of Greenwood

Neighborhoods Mid-Century

Old Movie Theaters

Summer in the City

Housing Along the Lake

Coming of Age

It Wasn’t Club Med

Looking Back


Some Hard Ways

Broken Cookie Store

Churches—A Legacy of Cultures

“Solid as a Rock”

Memories of Youth

My Life on The Near West Side

St. Stephen School Days

St. Patrick’s Bridge

St. Colman

St. Mary’s On-The-Flats

Miles of Walking

The Old Neighborhood

A Special Club—A Special Place and Time