What's So Big About Cleveland, Ohio?

Sara Holbrook, Ennis McNulty


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Ten-year-old Amanda has been everywhere and done everything—she thinks. So she expects to be bored on a visit to Cleveland. “What’s so big about Cleveland,” she sneers to her host, ten-year-old Alan. But then she discovers something special about Cleveland—something she didn’t expect at all. A refreshing look at what makes home a special place.

Hardcover / 36 pages / 8.5 x 11 in. / ISBN 9781886228023


Ten-year-old Amanda has been everywhere and done everything. Or so she thinks. Her parents have taken her to all the cities of the world: London, Paris, Marrakech, Hong Kong . . . you name it. So when Amanda comes to Cleveland on a family visit, her reaction is probably no surprise:


“What’s so big about Cleveland, Ohio?” she sneers to her host, ten-year-old Alan (whose mom is best friends with Amanda’s mom). What indeed. Nothing Alan can show her is as big, or as famous, or as fast, or as fun as something else she’s done somewhere else. Until, that is, Amanda discovers that there is something rather special about Cleveland, Ohio—something she didn’t expect at all.

A delightful introduction to the city for kids of all ages and a warm reminder for Clevelanders who sometimes forget just what makes this a special place to live.

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