What's the Deal with Dead Man's Curve?

And Other Really Good Questions About Cleveland

Jim Sweeney


Cleveland – whether you’re new to town or born here, there are some things about this place that make you scratch your head and wonder … Like, “Why is the only 90-degree turn in the U.S. Interstate Highway System right smack in our downtown?” This book tackles dozens of frequently asked questions with entertaining and thoughtful answers from a veteran journalist.

Softcover / 16.95 / 192 pages / 33 photos

ISBN: 9781598511314


A great gift for those new neighbors who just moved to town, your adult kids (who you want to stick around), or yourself for a fun and informative read!

Whether you’re new to Cleveland or have lived here for decades, you’ve probably wondered (as so many of us do) …

  • Why Do Clevelanders Wear So Many Cleveland T-shirts?
  • Do We Really Need All These Suburbs?
  • How Can People Still Love the Browns Despite Decades of Crummy Football?
  • Who Is That Building Named After?
  • Why Are There So Many Different Bridges Over the Cuyahoga?
  • Why Is an Airport Taking Up All that Prime Downtown Lakefront?
  • How Did Cleveland Become a National Punchline?
  • Why Doesn’t CSU Have a Football Team?
  • Why Is It Called Whiskey Island?
  • Why Is Cleveland Still So Segregated?
  • Why Do So Many Cleveland Suburbs Have “Heights” in Their Name?

Answers to these and dozens of other frequently asked questions are delivered in this collection of thoughtful and entertaining short essays by Cleveland native and veteran journalist Jim Sweeney.

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