Newspaper headline: Ghostly Hand Seen in Lake, Bones on Shore Disappear

Torso Prologue: The Mystery Begins

With the possible exception of the 1954 Marilyn Sheppard murder, Cleveland boasts no bigger or better “signature” crime phenomenon than the baker’s dozen of “Kingsbury Run Torso slayings” that terrified Clevelanders and puzzled lawmen during the latter part of the 1930s. It is Cleveland’s greatest and most malevolent mystery and hardly a year goes by without a renewal of media interest in this serial saga of Depression-era killings.

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Ernie Anderson on WJW TV set dressed as Ghoulardi

Ghoulardi – Life Begins at 11:20

Late in 1962, in the dark depths of Cleveland’s coldest and snowiest winter in 100 years, the management of Cleveland television station WJW (Channel 8) asked journeyman announcer Ernie Anderson to host a late-night horror-movie show planned for early in the new year . . .

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Firefighers in action at the S. S. Kresge fire in Cleveland in 1908

Cleveland’s Saddest Fourth – The 1908 S. S. Kresge Fireworks Explosion

If you drive by 2025 Ontario Street today you might easily miss it. But on July 3, 1908, that address became history—terrible history. You’d never guess, to look at its modern glass-and-trim front, that it was once the scene of a fiery, exploding holocaust that brought death to seven, injury to dozens, and a day of terror, tears, heroism, and shame to the city of Cleveland. For this is the site of the S. S. Kresge fireworks explosion and fire …

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Speaking of Murder: A Milan Jacovich Mystery, by Les Roberts and Dan S. Kennedy. Published by Gray & Company, Publishers. Front cover of book.

Speaking of Murder – Prologue and Chapter 1

Do you ever get the feeling that you really need help? I don’t mean help to open a jar of peanut butter, clean your garage, hold the ladder while you clean the gutters, or tell you what ingredient is missing when you’re cooking pasta sauce from scratch. …

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Ashtabula Hat Trick: A Milan Jacovich Mystery, by Les Roberts. Published by Gray & Company, Publishers. Front cover of book.

The Ashtabula Hat Trick – Chapter One

“Not exactly the world’s most luxurious vacation resort,” Tobe murmured as we pulled into the parking lot of the little motel just off the I-90 exit after an hour’s drive from her place on the near West Side of Cleveland. The motel where the Cleveland P.D. had made a reservation for us—or rather, for Tobe, as I was just along for the ride—looked like those that appeared in many films noir of the 1950s …

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