Top 20 Moments in Cleveland Sports

Tremendous Tales of Heroes and Heartbreaks

Bob Dyer


Relive the most memorable and sensational events in Cleveland sports history. Many of them are known by shorthand: Red Right 88. The Drive. The Fumble. The Shot. Beer Night. Some were gut-wrenching. Some, like the 1964 NFL championship game, were glorious. All are highlight of the shared experience of all Cleveland sports fans.

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“Documents what it means to be a Cleveland sports fan: the suffering, the joy and the hope that there is always next year . . . perfect for die-hard Cleveland fans (and really, is there any other kind?)” — News Leader

Relive the 20 most sensational events in Cleveland sports history. These are the moments Northeast Ohioans still talk about, decades later—and will probably continue to debate, bemoan, and otherwise cherish for generations to come.

Many are known by shorthand: Red Right 88. The Drive. The Fumble. Beer Night. Game Seven. Some of these moments are almost painful to recall—like that one heart-stopping play in January 1981 that kept the “Kardiac Kids” out of the Super Bowl. Or Michael Jordan’s jaw-dropping shot to knock the Cavs out of the playoffs in May of 1989.

But we Cleveland fans have long feasted on a steady diet of sports misery without ever losing a taste for the pursuit of onfield glory. And we have sampled that glory, too. Like the Tribe’s exhilarating 1995 sprint into the playoffs. Or the upstart Cavaliers’ “Miracle of Richfield in 1976. And of course the Browns’ thrilling upset victory over the Baltimore Colts in the 1964 NFL championship game.

Glorious or gut-wrenching, each of these memories is a highlight of the shared experience of sports fans in Northeast Ohio. They represent a seemingly unquenchable spirit—the very spirit that keeps up late into the night, honking our horns in parking garages and exchanging high-fives with total strangers on East Ninth Street, or trudging on Sundays down to the edge of Lake Erie, wearing dog masks and carrying elaborate banners drawn on bedsheets.

These stories are a great way to revive the spirit—and pass it along to the next generation of fans.

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THE TOP 20 MOMENTS in chronological order:

Johnny Marches Home (BOXING): #17: Thursday, February 22

Washing the Black Sox (INDIANS): #10: Tuesday, October 12

Mastering Hogan (GOLF): #20: Sunday, April 7

One-Game Season (INDIANS): #2: Monday, October 4

Race of Doom (AIR RACES): #15: Monday, September 5

The Catch (INDIANS): #14: Wednesday, September 29

The Rock is Knocked (INDIANS): #13: Sunday, April 17

Upset! (BROWNS): #1: Sunday, December 27

Beer Night (INDIANS): #19: Tuesday, June 4

One Swing of the Bat (INDIANS): #12: Tuesday, April 8

The Miracle of Richfield (CAVALIERS): #4: Thursday, April 29

Red Right 88 (BROWNS): #6: Sunday, January 4

Perfect (INDIANS): #18: Friday, May 15

The Drive (BROWNS): #7: Sunday, January 11

The Fumble (BROWNS): #11: Sunday, January 17

The Shot (CAVALIERS): #8: Sunday, May 7

Last Dance With a Great Lady (STADIUM): #16: Sunday, October 3

The Dash in the Dome (INDIANS): #9: Tuesday, October 17

The Move (BROWNS): #3: Monday, November 6

Game Seven (INDIANS): #5: Sunday, October 26


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